A Hot Mess of Glasses

Quick post.

There is a popular trend in drinkers who want a rum and Coke or a vodka and Sprite but not as a drink but rather as a shot. They order a vodka with a Sprite chaser and proceed to pound shots this way for the better part of an evening. It’s funny to me that when I think of shots, I honestly think of straight shots of whiskey or tequila. Mixed sweet shots are fine but not for this bartender. I make a living pouring those drinks but I would rather go without than put it down my neck.

With that said, straight shots with chasers are in vogue but I am surprised that people aren’t ordering gin with a tonic chaser. Gin having the highest proof of booze makes it the best straight booze to drink but I guess this isn’t catching on.

The wake of folks ordering this shots is that I am left without a single glass behind the bar and twice the amount of dishes to wash at the end of the evening. Literally a hot mess of glasses.

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